We Are Revolve Impact

We Are Revolve Impact

Putting Arts + Culture at the Center of Change

Revolve Impact is a bold social impact agency that combines organizing & the creative arts to drive communities to action.

Our mission is to integrate arts and culture into policy campaigns and organizing efforts to exponentially increase impact and serve as a vehicle to channel people’s energy and attention into movements for change.

Revolve Impact is working with the leading artists and influencers to change public policy in America and abroad.

Notable recent successes include coordinating Artists for 47, a nationwide network of artists including Jay Z, Olivia Wilde, John Legend and Rosario Dawson that helped pass Prop. 47, a historic criminal justice voter initiative in California.

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A highly skilled professional team with a creative touch.

Coalition Building

Revolve Impact has experience building local and global coalitions among diverse stakeholders, including artists, community residents, business leaders, and governmental officials.

Strategy Development

Revolve Impact combines traditional organizing efforts with creative multimedia platforms to help clients think strategically about their overall goals and social impact.

Arts + Culture

Revolve Impact believes in the transformative power of culture and helps clients integrate the creative arts and the latest technology into their overall operations.

Multi-Media Consulting

Revolve Impact effectively utilizes the latest technology and multimedia platforms to raise awareness of various causes while driving people to action.

Public Policy

Revolve Impact has over 15 years of experiencing drafting and implementing groundbreaking policies and legislation on a national, statewide and local level.

Government Relations

Revolve Impact has significant relationships with system leaders, policy experts, and leading nonprofits locally, statewide and nationally.

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