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Communities around the United States and worldwide are filled with good people living in fear. Our city, state and federal spending priorities are broken and institutional bias and racism have eroded trust, access and representation.

We demand healthier communities, which means more from each other; more from our school systems and more from our judicial systems.

Enough is enough. We demand more empathy, more accountability, more economic opportunity, more compassion, more dignity, more power and more opportunity for all.

The time has come to illuminate our resilience and to take back our streets, our schools, our communities and our hope. Together we must lift our voices, assert our power, be resilient, identify solutions and work together to MANIFEST:JUSTICE. Together we will build a healthier and more just future.


“Not Coming Home” is an original song by Mike de la Rocha capturing the growing movement to end state violence across America. Featuring artwork from the Manifest:Justice art exhibit, the video is a call to action for people to download the Mobile Justice App to record and report incidents of police misconduct while joining the millions of people organizing for our collective human rights and dignity. Free Mobile Justice App courtesy of the ACLU and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

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