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#SchoolsNotPrisons: A free music and art tour partnered with California communities.

We’ve partnered with California communities that have been impacted by the overuse of punishment and incarceration to ask the question:

What really keeps us safe?

To challenge California’s spending priorities and lift up the power of the youth vote as a catalyst for change, Revolve Impact produced the #SchoolsNotPrisons arts and music festival in 12 cities in 13 weeks during August to October 2016. Funding for the tour was provided by The California Endowment and The California Wellness Foundation.

California’s most vulnerable Black and Latino youth are affected by overspending on punishment and incarceration and a wholesale divestment from public education. In each community on the #SchoolsNotPrisons tour, local advocacy campaigns against the overuse of punishment and incarceration were supported and amplified. From young people themselves, we learned what it’s like to be on the receiving end of harsh school discipline, immigrant and refugee detention. Students talked about the high cost of youth prisons, the lack of services for the formerly incarcerated, and the impact of incarceration on families.